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Date: 12 March 2019

1 day before

Time: 09:00 – 17:00

Venue: Room S421, Level 4

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, HK


Actionable Insights on Global Footwear Retail, Sourcing, Production, Design & Development

The Global Footwear Executive Summit (GFES) will focus on developments affecting not only footwear retail but the whole footwear supply chain. More importantly, its scope will expand to cover more topics and include more panel discussions in a full day programme, held on 12 March 2019, the day before Fashion Access and APLF – Leather & Materials+.

In each edition, the programme is designed to stimulate interactive and constructive discussions between industry experts and audience with business networking opportunities to maximise their visit.

Footwear is forever in motion. It is a product that touches just about everybody on the planet, and it creates and ongoing cycle of product improvement and fashion trends. Having refined the product, we are now also starting to look at the bigger picture, how we produce and recycle. Great things are afoot!

Philippe Holthuizen, 3D Cobbler at FUSED footwear

The FDRA Summit is an excellent opportunity to exchange thoughts on the future of the footwear industry. The topic of quality control is, in my opinion, the foremost issue in the industry.

Martin Berman, Micropak

It is so exciting to see how the recent developments on the field of Retail Customer Experience, driven by Augmented and Mixed Reality well integrated with 3D Services on the Cloud, and further augmented and multiplied in the power by AI, have ushered in an “Era of Mass Customization”- which means Fashion and Footwear sectors must be ready just now to serve an “individual client” for an “individual product”, over next generation supply chains, able to handle “must customized” orders.

Andrey Golub, Deputy Chief Innovation Officer, ATOMLab Milan

Given the speed of change in the footwear industry, and the lack of response o date  from the bulk of tanners, it must be asked if footwear will be consuming more than token amounts of leather limited to traditional categories by 2030.

Mike Redwood, Leather Naturally

Too long has the leather industry been viewed as non-sustainable. Since 15 years ago, LITE (Low Impact To the Environment) Concept has been initiated to change this view. Leather is natural, beautiful, durable and fashionable. It is truly sustainable.

Thomas Schneider, Executive Chairman ISA TanTec

“Strategies to drive Smart Footwear Sourcing” is the most important aspects for the industry, considering Macro & Micro environment as prevailed in the regions, Leather industry expects smart handling to optimize the scattered resources sensibly, which ensures total sustainability in all aspects.

Jaideep Kohli, TUV SUD

Although I have been active in the FDRA, this is my first time attending the Executive Summit in Hong Kong. I am looking forward to listening to the speakers and panel presentations as well as meeting persons devoted to the advancement of the footwear industry.

Benny Devito, Eurofins

It has never been easier for your company to enter new markets and it has never been easier for competitors to enter your market. How can a brand develop an international strategy consistent with its budget and capabilities?

Frank Lavin, Export Now

With so much uncertainty in global trade, the Global Footwear Executive Summit brings leaders in the footwear industry to talk about new sourcing markets and trends and the general state of footwear production globally.

Ian Spaulding, Elevate

Consumers demand is drastically changing design and development, thru Best practices we can now demonstrate From Fashion to Factory is a reality.

Jean Marc Pedeboy, Romans Cad Strategies


Global Footwear Executive-speaker

Joe Passio

Director Global Footwear

Global Footwear Executive-speaker

Frank Lavin

CEO & Founder
Export Now

Global Footwear Executive-speaker

Cheri Blum

Vice President
Steve Madden

Global Footwear Executive-speaker

Jayne Estève-Curé

Jayne Fashion Agency

Global Footwear Executive-speaker

Mike Redwood

Leather Naturally

Global Footwear Executive-speaker

Andrey Golub

Deputy Chief
Innovation Officer
ATOMLab Milan

Global Footwear Executive-speaker

Ian Spaulding


Global Footwear Executive-speaker

Kerry Brozyna

Vice President and GM Leathers
Wolverine Leather

Global Footwear Executive-speaker

Matt Priest

President & CEO

Global Footwear Executive-speaker

Philippe Holthuizen

3D Cobbler
FUSED footwear

Global Footwear Executive-speaker

Anson Bailey

Business Development
KPMG China

Thomas Schneider

Founder & Executive Chairman
ISA TanTec

Ben DeVito

International Business Development Director

Martin Berman


Global Footwear Executive-speaker

Jaideep Kohli

General Manager for Leather and Footwear

Howard Herman

Elite Talent

Jean Marc Pedeboy

Partner and founder
Romans CAD – Strategies

Peter Erren

Erren Recondition

Joana Vaz Teixeira

International Relations
International Business Intelligence Manager
World Footwear

Global Footwear Executive-speaker

Diego Pienknagura

Senior Global Development Manager

Paul Bridge

Global Footwear and Leather Business Manager


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