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Partner and Founder , Romans CAD- Strategies

Jean Marc PEDEBOY one the partner and founder of Strategies, the company who has developed ROMANS CAD SOFTWARE, the de facto standard in the footwear design space.

During the past 25 years I have been participating in the development of collaborative engineering platform to various industries, Building Real Estate and the fashion industry.

We are now bringing to the footwear industry this vast experience, in implementing the RCS solution, which augment the 3D/2D CAD traditional software into a collaborative solution, by integrating, 3D/2D design pattern, cutting material database, document management pre-costing, and integration with PLM and ERP.
By connecting retailers’ brands and factories we made From Fashion to Factory a reality, so I am investing my time in presenting these best practices to conferences and majors footwear companies, which will help them to build a roadmap for a smooth and successful implementation.