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Martin Berman

Founder and Chief Mold Eliminator, Micropak

Martin Berman is the founder and Chief Mold Eliminator of Micro-Pak Ltd. Micro-Pak is the leading supplier of anti-microbial and moisture control packaging materials with their products going into more than two billion items per year. Micro-Pak was established in 1998 and has offices in Asia, the US and Europe as well as a network of thirty authorized distributors around the world.

Martin has been working in Asia for more than forty years having started as an Assistant Inspector in Taiwan shoe factories in the late 70s. This was followed by postings in The Philippines, Indonesia, Italy and for the last twenty years or so in Hong Kong. During his tenure Martin has seen the footwear industry move from Taiwan and Korea to Hong Kong, The Philippines and Singapore ( initially due to Carter era quotas) and then China. Martin’s first business trip to China was in 1978 and needless to say he has seen a few changes since then. This movement of the industry continues with some new and growing markets, interestingly, again due in great part to trade issues.

Martin earned his B.A. in Chinese language and Asian Studies from Connecticut College in 1976.